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General Secretary’s Report

Annual Report of General Secretary
Movement Resolution - Varanasi 2012
We are happy to inform all affiliates & members that conceding the AIFUCTO demand for extending the date for Refresher & Orientation courses for CAS, the UGC issued notification extending the date to 31.12.13.The copy is attached herewith.

Thanks to the affiliates and members for lending full support and keeping faith with the AIFUCTO leadership to clinch the issue in our favour.
Long live AIFUCTO Movement

Asok Barman
General Secretary
Special Circular - December, 2012
Teachers' Movement - November, 2012
Circular - November, 2012
Teachers' Movement - October, 2012
Movement Programmes


All affiliates from Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh ,Rajasthan, Delhi Punjab,Haryana,Himachal Pradesh, Chandigarh & Jammu & Kashmir (Zones-Central 1 & 2, North)are requested to participate in large numbers in a Demonstration at UGC office,ITO on 19th February,2015 at 12 noon to submit a Memorandum to UGC Chairman & Secretary demanding among others-

1.Notification of UGC decisions regarding 3rd amendment of UGC Regulations,2010 (Roll out date of the regulations) & Ph.D Regulations
2.Constitution of UGC 7th Pay review committee 
3.UGC pay scales for all teachers –regular,contractual,self-financing- in aided & unaided colleges
4.Complete parity between teacher, librarians & DPEs
5,Extension of dates for RC/OC up to December,2015
6.Regulation of private institutions
Affiliates  from other zones are  also requested  to participate in the Demonstration as far as possible.
Contact :Prof.Iqbal Singh Sindhu,Zonal Secretary (North) for information & help.His phone number is  09811346261

Demonstration, March to Parliament & court arrest program on 13th March,2015 at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi
Time : 11 A.M

We have already sent instructions to you all to organise a strong agitation program in both states & Delhi. We have also requested you in the earlier circular to sensitize your members to the lack of respect & concern of Govt.of India to the teachers’ demands & non-granting of an appointment to the established teachers’ associations for months.

State level programs
Organize meetings in each unit in the month of January-March,2015 to highlight our demands & total non-sensitivity of HRD to the pending issues including UGC decisions like amending the Regulations & roll out of new regulations for CAS & Ph.D Regulations.
Organise rallies, Demonstration or any other form of suitable agitation in the month of February-March,2015. In each state there must be a central rally/demonstration in February,2015.

All affiliates are to adopt resolutions & write to MHRD for approving UGC decisions for CAS  to roll out the Regulations 2010 to  facilitate the promotion of teachers: Text of the resolution-

“we are extremely worried at the HRD not yet giving approval to  the UGC decisions regarding amendments of UGC Regulations 2010 as per the report of Anomaly Committee. UGC wrote seeking approval on 23rd may, 2014. We are worried for the inordinate delay & request you to approve the decision immediately. Thousands of teachers across the country are waiting for the necessary UGC notification of 3rd amendment involving Roll Out date”
Please send reports of your programs to the General Secretary positively.

Delhi agitation –participate in facebook & twitter campaign

Following the instructions of the Chandigarh Conference, a massive demonstration & court arrest program will be organized in Delhi during Budget Session  on 13th March,2015  at Jantar Mantar  Delhi at 11 A.M. 
 All affiliates are instructed to start preparations immediately. We have already informed this through our twitter & face book accounts. All affiliates are to ensure maximum participation
Please contact Members of Parliament from your states & request them to address the demonstration.
Please use twitter & facebook social networking platforms for the success of the movement programs.


Notice for NEC Meeting


AIFUCTO NEC Meeting will be held in Gandhi Peace Foundation, New Delhi, on 14.03.2015 at 11 A.M.

1. Confirmation of minutes of previous meeting.
2. Report of General Secretary on the latest developments
3. Further program of agitation
3. RUSA reporting by states
4. Organizational matters.
5. Miscellsneous.


 Members may kindly contact  Gen. Secretary,Prof.D.Kumar Treasurer& Prof. Iqbal Singh Sindhu, Zonal Secretary-North for  information & assistance.
All NEC members are requested to attend.


Asok Barman
General Secretary




DATE : MARCH 13.2015











Academic conference Chandigarh 2014

To all life members


Dear Friends,                                                                                                                                                             
  I am happy to inform you that the ‘Academic  Conference-2014 ‘ will be held in    Chandigarh, Punjab, from 14th November to 16th  November, 2014 . The Conference is hosted by PCCTU.
We know how eagerly you wait for the news and a good number of you join us in the  Conferences year after year. Your  involvement, commitment, love and respect for the organization encourage the present members & leaders  immensely. It is indeed a great privilege to have you amongst us & also share your valuable  experience.
We extend warm welcome to you all.
The details have been posted in our website – Kindly be in touch with the leadership of your unit/state. They will be happy to provide all assistance to you.
Kindly call me for any clarification and assistance. Looking forward to meet you at Chandigarh.
Venue of the conference
The venue of the Conference is GGSD College (popularly known as SD College), Sector-32, Chandigarh- 16
Names                                                  Phone numbers
1. Dr Jagwant Singh                         +919815947500
2. Dr P S Gill                                       +919814933340
3. Prof (Ms) Iqbal Preet Kaur      +919815541984
4. Prof  Rajit Sandhir                       +918427777856
5. Dr (Ms) Rupinder Chatha         +919779182244
6. Dr Shaminder Sandhu               +919872313570
7. Prof. Bhupinder Singh              +918427530008


Prof. Anil Sarwal                     +919501738899   


Best regards

Asok Barman
General Secretary

AIFUCTO NEC Meeting 21-September-2014


Dear NEC Members,


I've requested you to send me information about your participation & arrival details.
Please note the hosts have informed that accommodation can be arranged  only ifinformation is received on or before 10 September.
Also send your arrival details so that you may be received when you arrive in kolkata.
Send information as early as possible.You may send E-mail to or


Asok Barman
General Secretary

Urgent Communication


Dear Friends                                                                                                                                        18.08.2014                                                                                                                               
In last two monthly Circulars we informed you that for quickest & most direct route to send latest developments to our affiliates & members social networks like facebook & twitter would be used and we also conveyed that we have started using these platforms. 
We have already informed our affiliates through facebook & twitter accounts that the Academic Conference-2014 will be held in Chandigarh on 14, 15, 16 November, 2014. The Conference will be hosted by PCCTU, one of the front ranking associations affiliated to AIFUCTO. A number of landmark meetings & conferences were hosted by PCCTU in the past. One such is the Celebration of 25 Years of our journal Teachers’ Movement. The organization has gifted a number of great leaders who made significant contributions to the teachers' movement at the national level. We are greatly indebted to PCCTU for its contributions to our movement.
 You are aware that the last NEC & Secretariat decided that all affiliates would help the hosts of our conferences with advertisements & donations. Each affiliate will arrange for at least one advertisement.However, we shall have to do much more for a successful conference. The meeting also decided that the Delegate/observer fee would be suitably revised to reduce the subsidy component.The increased costs of holding Conferences requires this.
 Friends, our Conference plays great roles in our movement as more than thousand teachers assemble in the Conference to take a stock of the progress & problems of teachers’ movement to give the movement a proper direction.
 We are proud that AIFUCTO has been holding both the Academic & Statutory Conferences in due years without any break for the last 52 years. The credit goes to all of you. We have received great support from our hosts, our former and current members for all these years. We have firm belief that we shall continue to receive your support in the future as well.
We are happy that a large number of our members have been associated with our Face book account -
However we are not happy that your involvement in a macro sense in respect of our twitter account @AIFUCTO is not satisfactory. Please note these social networks are the fastest available tracks to send latest information directly & continuously. We request you once again to follow @AIFUCTO in twitter. Please note twitter posts are brief, to the point and specific. We explain such points in Circulars, facebook postings & communications.

Seminar in Jadavpur University on RUSA on 20th September, 2014
A Seminar on RUSA will be held the day before the NEC meeting. All the NEC members are cordially invited by the hosts of NEC meeting to the Seminar at the Jadavpur University Campus on 20th August, 2014.

Details of NEC members attending the meetings
Kindly send details of the NEC members attending the Seminar & NEC meeting. It would not be possible to make arrangements for accommodation for those who may come without prior Information.Jadavpur University Guest House can accommodate NEC members only with prior booking.
Waiting to meet you at the NEC meeting on 21st September, 2014

Asok Barman
General Secretary, AIFUCTO
Mob: 09831276815

Movement Resolution

(NOV 30-DEC 2, 2013)



The AIFUCTO in its statutory conference held at Mangalore from 30th November to 2nd December 2013 deliberated at length on the 12th five year plan vis-à-vis the present education scenario in India, and expressed deepest concern over the anti – people, anti – labour, anti – employee policies of the government of India leading to utter chaos. Further, it strongly condemned the passage of the new pension scheme in the parliament taking undue advantage of the confusing situation prevailing in our country. As the elections are hurrying near, it is obvious that the Government of India is trying to pass several anti – teacher, anti – student bills pending before the parliament. To cite an instance, the government of India has decided to convert even some of the existing public funded colleges into universities and awarding degree giving status to several autonomous colleges much against the wishes of the people. The committee formed for this purpose has hastily issued a public notice giving only 15 days time to make comprehensive amendments in the UGC Act 1956. Further, the government of India has showed least interest to solve many of our professional demands. Rampant corruption, ill will and arrogance at all levels have reached the pinnacle.
Against this backdrop the AIFUCTO, in its Mangalore Conference, has decided to launch a nationwide campaign for

  1. Inclusive quality education
  2. Strengthening the public funded education system
  3. Inclusion of all categories of teachers in the framework of the UGC pay scale
  4. Academic reforms to ensure  interdisciplinary, trans-disciplinary and cross-disciplinary education and to encourage research in those fields
  5. Better administration for higher education throughout the country in which accountability of the educational administrators for their actions must be ensured and demand for democratic governance of academic institutions in all shades of administration
  6.  A nationwide  demand to fill up  all the vacant posts on regular basis and creation of new posts in aided sector and self financing courses
  7. Ensuring more space available for publication of quality research papers at the university, state and national levels
  8. Resisting all  anti - people education bills pending in the parliament and all moves for neo – liberalization
  9. A healthy and transparent policy for the appointment of qualified academicians to the post of a Vice-Chancellor irrespective of his/her teaching background in a college or a university
  10. Implementation of uniform CAS benefits from the due dates and roll out of API schemes after modifications in the amended UGC regulations 2013. Till then, CAS be given on the basis of old UGC regulations
  11. Immediate release of the pending arrears of the of 6th pay revision.
  12. Implementation of principle of equal wages for equal work.
  13. Assured pension for all
  14. Complete parity of DPE’s / librarians with teachers
  15. Immediate steps to set up a National commission for education
  16. Immediate withdrawal of performance based funding under RUSA (Rashtriya  Uchchattar Shiksha  Abhiyan)
  17. Solidarity with other movements fighting against privatization and corporatization
  18. Ensuring AIFUCTO’s participation in decision making process regarding educational planning
  19. Forging a strong unity of teacher’s organizations of primary, secondary and higher education
  20. Better working conditions for the teachers with the provision of minimum basic infrastructural facilities so that every teacher  can teach and do research in a conducive atmosphere
  21. A nationwide demand to ensure six percent of the GDP to be spent on education


The campaign will take the form of organizing meetings in every unit of the AIFUCTO, state level meetings, seminars, and the creation of national platform to highlight the emerging issues.

Further, it has been decided to prepare relevant documents at the state and national levels. The initiatives already undertaken by the AIFUCTO will be further consolidated with regular interaction with central university leaderships.
To highlight the above issues, the statutory conference has decided to mobilize teachers across the country and organize a rally at Delhi during the upcoming budget session of the Parliament.
The AIFUCTO conference congratulated veteran scientist Professor CNR Rao and cricketer Sachin Tendulkar on receiving the Bharat Ratna award.

To Life Members

Esteemed AIFUCTO Life Members,                                                                                                                                                    18.10.2013
Warm Greetings.
I have already informed you about the next Conference at Mangalore. Hope you have booked your ticket. Please contact your state/unit leaders who will be very happy to help you.
It is a pleasure to write to you once again inviting you to the statutory conference at Mangalore from 30th November to 2nd December, 2013. The present leadership always remember with what eager enthusiasm you cherish memories of your long and proud association with the AIFUCTO, by becoming its Life Member. The senior and young members of the AIFUCTO, some of whom have joined service now, together want your presence and participation in all three days in our Conferences. The young members are sure to lot by the Reception Committee and the Organizing Committee will take every necessary step to make your stay as comfortable
The present generation leaders & members are eagerly waiting to meet you at Mangalore
Please contact the organizers through their mobiles or email id as given below
Dr.A.M.Narahari Chairman 09741410990  
Dr.Norbert Lobo Organizing Secretary 09964144583
Mr.Purushothama K.V. Public Relations 09448216070
Mr. Charles Pais Treasurer 09448160154
Dr.Ummappa Poojary Accommodation 09448251230   
Dr.Denis Fernandes Souvenir & Website 09986220459
Mr.B.V.Raghunandan Seminar 09945289600 097431733658
Mr.Joselyn Lobo AIFUCTO Presidium 09448488721
Mrs Durgalakshmi Reception 09483457464
 With deep regards

Asok Barman
General Secretary                                               

Mangalore Conference

Dear Friends,
Please accept my hearty greetings to you this festival season. I know you are in festive mood. However, excuse me for demanding your kind attention for a moment, as there are some important matters and the times available to us is very little. You are aware that we are gearing for our Statutory conference at Mangalore from 30th November to 2nd December,2013. Delegates and leaders need to act quickly, if they haven’t already, book tickets and be in touch with the hosts – the AMUCT, MANGALORE.
Talks with MHRD & UGC
The General Secretary has been talking to both MHRD & UGC officials. Any development will be shared with you. We expect the Government  will respond positively . We must remain prepared to launch a  movement if our demands are not fulfilled. The conference will take  stock of the situation  and chalk  out the programme of action.
Report from affiliates to be included in Annual Report of General Secretary, AIFUCTO
I would once again remind all affiliates that reports of their units containing the latest developments specially with respect to payment of arrears by state & central govts, movements going on ,the state of higher education  with special importance to number of vacant posts, education policies in states and the programs held in the current year & also all other information for the delegates from all over the country before 20th November,2013,.It should be preferably  of A4 size.
Mangalore Conference Registration: Last date -7th November.
We have informed you through mail & website the registration process for the  delegates/observers/guests. The last date for accepting the request for accommodation is 7th November,2013.All participants must send @ Rs. 1300 per head (delegates/observers/guests) in the specified manner given in the websites. You are to take great care to help our Life members & retired teachers to attend the Conference. Send details of senior & retired leaders, life Members  to the organizers with a copy to me. Special arrangements will be made for them.
It is very urgent that we know the number of participants in the conference for accommodation which is the most important issue. Also inform if you do not need accommodation.
 Kindly visit,the  AMUCT website the link of which is also given in our website . The hosts are sharing with you all latest developments & constantly uploading the names for whom the registration fees are received & also other details. A highly efficient & dedicated team under the leadership of Prof.A.M.Narahari has been working very hard for the success of the Conference.
We once again appeal to  all affiliates to collect as many advertisements as possible. Each unit must ensure one congratulatory advertisement in the name of the affiliate as per the financial capabilities. Please note the registration fees is  not even enough for accommodation expenses. The AIFUCTO leadership thankfully remembers  your spectacular response in this regard for our Varanasi Conference. It is now time again for you to show the same gesture and dynamism. You may download the contract form or can be in touch with the hosts for hard copy.

Delhi Building fund
I am happy to inform you that at the call for generous  contributions for purchasing a flat in Delhi for AIFUCTO , we have received Rs.10,000 from Prof.Randhoni Devi, President AMUCT,Manipur. Thanks to her initiative to set the example. We have very encouraging news that our great former leaders also started raising funds.Prof.Maheswari of Rajasthan & Prof.Ghanshyam Singh of Uttar Pradesh & others have  been working in this direction. We express deep gratitude to them. The affiliates are requested to donate to the fund generously. Some Assam teachers have informed that they would make significant contributions. Please remember that we have given a call to contribute generously as & when our members are getting the arrears payments.
  Let us keep the AIFUCTO FLAG flying high and in great majesty. Eagerly waiting to meet you at Mangalore.
 Warm Regards
signature 5

Asok Barman-General Secretary
Delhi Rally - 20th September 2013

The leadership of AIFUCTO congratulate the affiliates for the historic rally at Jantar Mantar, Delhi on 20th September,2013. Thousands of teachers from universities & colleges from all parts of India joined the Rally in support of various demands. The leaders of Delhi University Teachers' Association, JNU Teachers' Association, Jamia Milia Teachers' Association & IGNOU Teachers' Association joined the Rally & expressed solidarity with the Rally & supported the AIFUCTO demands. A large number JNU teachers also attended the Rally. We thank them for their presence & do believe a united movement will emerge in the days to come to achieve our common goal. Two delegations met MHRD & UGC to convey the demands of the Rally.

Please find the attached Press Release.


Asok Barman

General Secretary


New Year Greetings!

Dear Friends,

On behalf of the leadership of ALL INDIA FEDERATION OF UNIVERSITY & COLLEGE TEACHERS’ ORGANISATIONS, I wish you all a Very Happy New Year 2013.We are confident that your help & support will help the leadership achieve all goals.

Asok Barman
General Secretary

Special Circular October, 2012


Dear Friends,

Greetings and best wishes. I’m sure you all are enjoying every moment of the ongoing festive season marking celebrations of Durga Puja, Dusshera , Id Dewali ,Chatt and other festivals

I am happy to inform you that all efforts are being made for the 28th Academic Conference and the Golden Jubilee Celebrations in the holy city of Varanasi.  The General Secretary and the hosts are engaged in doing everything for the success of the events.

I have been making appeals to all affiliates to lend all support to the organizers as you all are aware that we requested the Mahatma Kasha Vidyapith Affiliated College Teachers’ Association to shoulder the responsibility, with the assurance, that we will actively support them in all possible manner, including raising funds through advertisements & donations. The money will be spent for accommodation purpose.

I thank the State affiliates who have forwarded and registered  the names of delegates from their States. However, in spite of highlighting the urgency of the information about participation and sending money, many affiliates are yet to send details of delegates and the Registration fee.

I ,once again, wish to draw the attention of all office bearers of State affiliates & AIFUCTO office bearers that accommodation is a real problem in Varanasi. The city , a very ancient one, is congested with pilgrims  and has only limited accommodation facilities. With each passing day, hotels get booked and room availability gets reduced. and hotel charges are escalating.  Hence I again request all States to rush complete details of delegates from their organization along with payments details/ DDs for Registration fee.

I am really anxious as we are not getting the exact number of participants, we are really clueless about the number of participation from many units. The larger contingents must understand the gravity of the problem.. However, we have made arrangements and allocated the hotels for those who have sent money and list. Also we need to know the details about arrival and departure days of all of you.

Please note it will not be possible to make hotel arrangements for those who send the money late. Though the last date is 30th November, late comers will have to be housed in dharmasalas, where facilities are very limited. In view of this, I urge the states not to wait any more but rush delegate details and the registration fee very soon. The costs of hotels are also an important factor. Hotels at distance will have logistics problems. Those who are not acquainted with Varanasi may not comprehend the seriousness of the problem. Please cooperate with us to avoid troubles.

The Delegate/Observer/Guest fees Rs.1200 (including Rs.100 for AIFUCTO office in Delhi) to be paid to the Account No. :  32545121870 Bank Name:  State Bank of India


Branch         :  Harish Chandra Post Graduate College

Branch Code: 1512.

You can also send draft to >Dr.Balbir Singh, Treasurer, XXVIII CONFERENCE OF AIFUCTO,

Harish Chandra Post Graduate College, Maidagin, Varanasi-221001

In last two NEC meetings, in circulars and numerous phone call to all leaders I explained that we have a financial commitment to the organizers and requested all to raise advertisements for the Souvenir and/or collect Donations which will help us very much in the successful conduct of the momentous conference - for a conference  of this kind comes very rarely. Please note all drafts and cheques for advertisement & Donations are to be drawn in favor of


XXVIII Conference of AIFUCTO, payable at Varanasi. .

All advertisement matters and DDs are to be sent to me at this address:

Prof.Asok Barman

23/2/1A, K.B .Sarani,Kolkat-700080

I further request you to prepare for the seminar and ready your scholarly papers for the theme is also of great significance for Indian higher education for the next five years covered by the 12thFive Year Plan.

The sections for the papers in the Seminar are-

1. The present scenario of higher education in your state. All AIFUCTO Office bearers are requested to ensure a comprehensive write up in their respective state

2The problems and the necessary actions to be taken for inclusive, high quality and equitable higher education in all parts of the country

3. The role of teachers and Teachers Movement.

4. The agenda of higher education in 12th FYP in India-a macro view.

Papers should have empirical basis as far as possible. Use state/central govt/UGC data and field survey wherever necessary

We are happy that more states have finalized programs to celebrate Golden Jubilee. Please send reports so that we can publish them in Teachers’ Movement.

Remember all our united and timely efforts alone can make the 28thConference of the AIFUCTO a memorable one.

Eagerly looking forward to meet you all in Varanasi.

Warm greetings

Asok Barman-General Secretary

Urgent Communication from GS : 25/07/2012


Congratulations to our members on the great achievement once again. The united and determined movement launched by the AIFUCTO for the payments of arrears by the Govt. of India without insisting on the enhancement of the retirement age to 65 years has now been approved by the Union Cabinet. Our rallies, protracted follow up and the Court Arrest Programmes have made it possible.

We thank Hon’ble President Sri Pranab Mukherjee & Hon’ble Minister, HRD Sri Kapil Sibal for their support. We record our thanks to the Members of Parliament who have lent valuable support.

In view of the development, the Secretariat, after considering the General Secretary’s consultations with office bearers and NEC members throughout the country, decided not to organize the HUNGER STRIKE in Delhi on 28, 29 and 30th August, as decided earlier by the Patna NEC meeting. We understand that the decisions regarding matters relating to different issues including anomalies, RC/OC, Ph.D Regulations and CAS points system may soon be notified by the UGC.

The Secretariat will review the entire situation and a NEC meeting will be held in September, 2012 to assess the same and decide future course of action.

States might have state related issues and so may decide about holding the state program on 25th August, 2012.

Asok Barman

General Secretary

Communication from GS 23-06-2012 [ click to collapse / expand]

To Our most respected former leaders, activists and members

Dear Friends,

I take this opportunity to write to you expressing our deep sense of gratitude, respect and love on the occasion of your dear AIFUCTO completing fifty years. We know you cherish a special sentiment, pride and emotion when you think of AIFUCTO. We know you remember the glorious legacy of AIFUCTO.

The present generation of members, activists and leadership acknowledge your contribution, dedication and sacrifice in building up the movement. We have seen as junior members how you negotiated many crises, gallantly fought for the causes of teachers. Many of you worked for a pittance ,but that never deterred you to wage many a battle and today we enjoy decent scales of pay.

Friends, we draw great confidence and follow in your footsteps. We seek your wise counsel whenever we face a dilemma or face a problem. That is the true spirit of the AIFUCTO movement.

We have started the GOLDEN JUBILEE celebration and cordially invite you to participate in the programs being held at unit, state, regional and national levels.

I request you to write your memoirs, experiences and suggestions to me so that we can discuss them and get directions for future course of movement. We shall publish them in our journal, website and other platforms.

I understand in no other Organisations so many retired teachers take active interest and participate in conferences and meetings.

We know your love, affection and guidance will strengthen our movement.

I invite all of you to the central GOLDEN JUBILEE program which will be notified in Teachers’ Movement and our website-

www.aifucto .org

Kindly keep in touch with your local leadership. We have instructed all affiliates to contact you so that any program they hold be blessed with your glorious presence.


Asok Barman

General Secretary

Communication from GS 12-5-2012 [ click to collapse / expand]

Dear Friends,                                                               12.05.12


The AIFUCTO, representing more than five lakh teachers, has now completed fifty years of glorious existence. The united movement of teachers in the higher education sector has proved many a times the vibrancy of the AIFUCTO. Let us take a pledge at this historical moment that we shall strengthen our .organisation.
I am proud to inform you that a number of affiliates have taken up programs to celebrate the occasion in a befitting manner.
I have been in constant touch with the MHRD and UGC in connection with our demands
The focal points of the discussions have been:
a. The payment of arrears by the Central Government.
b. Removal of anomalies in the UGC Regulations including scrapping the unrealistic point system for CAS.
c. Extension of the dates of RC/OC up to 2014.
d. The Ph. D. Regulation be prospective and  not retrospective.

We understand that there has been some headway in respect of our demands.

In the meantime I have received communications from HRD and Finance Ministries   that the matter of payment of arrears is under consideration of the Govt. of India.
I have informed the ministries that the NEC has decided to launch a HUNGER STRIKE Program in Delhi and state capitals if the problem is not resolved.
Please take all preparations to make the HUNGER SRIKE program most effective. All affiliates will have to send select members for the program. The dates will be informed soon.
Please prepare a record of the teachers (along with their address and phone numbers) of those who need the extension of RC/OC date. Also ensure that all of them fulfill the requirement as early as possible. 
All Zonal Secretaries of AIFUCTO are requested to collect the information regarding the teachers and send the same to the General Secretary as early as possible.
Wish you all the best.

Asok Barman

Dharna & Court Arrest Program, Jantar Mantar, 14, 15, 16 March, 2012 [ click to collapse / expand]

Dear Friends,

Congratulations for the massive success of the AIFUCTO PROGRAM in Delhi.

Thousands of teachers participated in the DHARNA and the COURT ARREST PROGRAM at Jantar Mantar,New Delhi on 14,15 &16 March,2012.They marched shouting slogans towards the Parliament and police stopped them at Parliament Street Police Station. However, they were released in the evening.

The General Secretary camping in Delhi along with other leaders met the Secretary and the Joint Secretary-Higher Education, MHRD on 22.03.12.They conveyed the decisions of the NEC meeting held on 16 March and expressed concern over the delay in removing anomalies.

A meeting was held between the Committee to Revisit the UGC Regulations, 2010 and the AIFUCTO on 22nd March, 2012. The General Secretary expressed the concern over inordinate delay in resolving the anomalies. He demanded that the matters at the domain of UGC like PhD Regulation to be prospective and extension of the date for RC/OC be notified immediately as they don’t need MHRD permission.

The General Secretary has been contacting the leaders of different political parties to sensitize them regarding our demands including the payment of arrears and the Bills concerning higher education.

The NEC meeting held on 16th March,2012 reviewed the situation and decided to adopt programs of Hunger Strike and Cease work in both Delhi and states. The dates would be announced soon. Please contact your leaders who attended the NEC meeting and circulate the message they carry among your members. Hold meetings in units and at the state levels. We must accelerate the movement, if our problems are not resolved soon.


Asok Barman

General Secretary

Communication from GS 13/3/2012 [ click to collapse / expand]


Communication from General Secretary -       13.03.2012

National Protest Day

As per the decision of the AIFUCTO NEC meeting in Gulbarga, Karnataka, the National Protest Day Program on 17th February was observed in all states. Teachers across the country held meetings and adopted resolutions to lodge their protest against the inaction of the Govt. of India to pay the arrears.
The General Secretary has been camping in Delhi and having regular interaction with MHRD and UGC on various demands. The General Secretary led a team of leaders and office bearers from the adjoining states & submitted a letter on 24th February informing the MHRD about the Dharma and Court Arrest Program to be held on 14, 15, & 16 March, 2012.


A meeting was held with Sri Kapil Sibal,Honble Minister ,HRD on 12th, march,2012.The President, General Secretary,Prof.Jaya Gandhi ,Prof Jay Kumar, both National Secretaries,Prof .V.S.Nehera,Prof.Jagwant Singh ,both Vice Presidents,Prof.D.Kumar ,Delhi Coordinator were present in the meeting. The leaders were busy in finalizing the arrangements for grand success of the court arrest program to begin from 14th March.
A well attended Press Conference was also held in the Press Club of India, New Delhi on 12th March for the publicity of our demands and the Dharna & Court Arrest Program in Delhi as well as state media. A number of news papers, both English and Hindi and on line news channels published the upcoming AIFUCTO programs  and highlighted our demands.
Sri Kapil Sibal, Honble Minister categorically stated that MHRD is willing to solve the problem of arrears payment but the objections to pay to the states which have not raised the age of retirement to 65 years came from the officials of the Ministry of Finance. He informed the AIFUCTO leaders that his Ministry has written a number of times to the Finance Ministry to resolve the problem.He added that he would again  and would talk to the Finance Ministry .
He repeatedly said that he was with the teachers and would continue with his efforts for making the payments. He told the leaders that he would talk to the Cabinet Secretary on the matter immediately. Sri Umashankar I.A.S,PS to the Honble Minister was also Participated in the discussion.
The General Secretary and Prof.Jagwnt Singh also met Smt.Vibha Puri Das, Secretary, Higher Education, and HRD and discussed the matter with her. She categorically told the leaders that she would try her level best to serve the interest of the teachers.

Thousands of teachers from all states have assembled in New Delhi to make the Program a historic one.

Asok Barman
General Secretray

General Secretary's Meeting with Sri Pranab Mukherjee [ click to collapse / expand]

General Secretary's meeting with Sri Pranab Mukherjee & Prof. Ved Prakash:

Prof. Asok Barman,General Secretary, met Sri Pranab Mukherjee, Hon'le Finance Minister on 18th November, 2011 and made a presentation on the issue of the Payment of 80% arrers by the Central Govt.Sri Mukherjee said that he would look into the matter.

Prof. Barman met Prof. Ved Prakash, Chairman, UGC 17th November,2011 to express the concern over the inordinate delay in finalising the recommendationms of the Anomaly Committee. The General Secretary conveyed to the UGC Chairman the demand of the AIFUCTO Conference to immediately send the finalised report to the MHRD.

Representation to state Chief Ministers, Education Ministers, Central
Ministers and MPs

All state federations and affiliates should immediately seek
appointment with their Chief Ministers, Education ministers, Central
ministers and MPs from the respective states and place demand for
arrears payments by both the state and central govts. without any
further delay. They should be requested to take up with the central
govt. the issue of arrears and also discuss the matter in the
platforms like CABE and other joint meetings. Please note that such
meetings should be held at the earliest.

News about the Action Programme

All affiliates are requested to send news regarding the Action Program following the Kolkata NEC decisions to the Gen.Secretary immediately


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