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Circular-no 07/2009                                                                                 11.08.2009

Dear Friends,

Many affiliates of AIFUCTO are involved in programs of agitation to ensure implementation of the revised pay scales. It is most disturbing that some state governments are unnecessarily delaying the process and causing great hardship to the teachers. There is clear communication for the pay fixation from the Central Govt and UGC.The inordinate delay in the implementation of pay scales clearly show the apathy of some state govts towards the interest of the teaching community. The Secretariat demands that all states implement the revised pay scales in toto immediately.

The progress of pay scale implementation and agitation programs in states

Three states namely, Uttar Pradesh, Goa and Arunachal have so far implemented the pay scale. Some state affiliates have informed that the orders in their states are expected very soon.

The teachers of Maharashtra are on indefinite strike from 14th July,2009 under the leadership of MFUCTO.The Secretariat,AIFUCTO expressed solidarity with the striking teachers.Prof.Asok Barman, General Secretary, visited the state and participated in the agitation programs in Mumbai and Pune.He addressed the meetings and press conference organized by MFUCTO.The Secretariat have drawn attention of Mr.Kapil Sibal,Hon’ble Minister,HRD and Prof.S.Thorat,Chairman, UGC to the ongoing agitation and sought their intervention.

The affiliates of Punjab, Haryana, Tamilnadu, Kerala,Madyapradesh ,Jharkhand and Bihar have adopted various programs to press the state governments to implement the pay scales immediately.

General Secretary’s program in Delhi on 24th July, 2009

Request to Mr.Kapil Sibal,Hon’le Minister,HRD.

General Secretary met and requested Mr.Kapil Sibal, Hon’le Minister, HRD to meet the AIFUCTO Secretariat to discuss various issues concerning higher education and demands of AIFUCTO.Subsequently the general Secretary was informed that a meeting would take place on 10.08.09.

Pension benefits of the retired teachers

The denial of justified pension to the retired teachers has been a major concern of AIFUCTO.In pursuance of this the General Secretary met the MHRD officials and Secretary, UGC to place the demand for sending communications to the state governments to revise the pension benefits to the retired teachers so that the teachers who have completed three years services in the pay scale of Rs.12000-18300 before retirement can enjoy the minimum pension admissible to the pay band four as in the 6th pay revision Please find a copy of the letter in our website.

UGC Regulation

General Secretary requested UGC to announce the Regulation at an early date.

Meeting with Hon’le Minister,HRD

A meeting was held between Mr. Kapil Sibal and the Secretariat,AIFUCTO on 10.08.09.The following Secretariat members were present-Prof.ThomasJoseph,Prof. Nikhil Desai,Prof.V.P.Singh,Prof.J.William and Prof. Asok Barman.The delegation presented a comprehensive memorandum covering, among others, the issues of implementation of pay scales, AIFUCTO demands for changes in the MHRD order of 31.12.08, Anomalies in the pay fixation order of 1998.,UGC regulations for the minimum qualifications and reform of higher education. The minister was requested to fulfill our demand. The memorandum is being uploaded in our website. He promised to look into the matters.

Meeting with UGC Chairman

Prof. Asok Barman accompanied by Prof. V.P.Singh met Prof. S.Thorat and discussed various issues. Prof. Throat was requested to ensure that the UGC regulations are published as early as possible. He was also requested to safeguard the interests of the M.Phil and Ph.D degree holders threatened by the UGC notification.

News of affiliates

A meeting of Mumbai University Academic Staff Council was addressed by the General Secretary, AIFUCTO. He talked about the present situation in higher education and emphasized the need for strengthening the AIFUCTO movement. Teachers expressed keen interest in the programs of AIFUCTO.

Statutory Conference

As informed earlier the statutory conference is going to be held in Gandginagar, Gujarat on October 10-12,2009 However, the organizers have informed that the Conference will be held in Ahamedabad itself. Kindly inform the organizers no of delegates and observers from your units as early as possible. Contact details

Prof.K.S.Sastry-Som-Lalit Education and Research Foundation, University Area,Navrangpura, Ahmedabad- PH:07927910440, 09825013024

Prof.Nikhil Desai:T.B/4, Vrindaban Estate,Pashabhai Patel ChawkRace Course Circle,

Vadodara-390015, PH:02652355602

Prof.K.C.Ajuwalia-C/6 Manish Apartments,Tihal Road,Valsad-396001,PH:09825292091

The theme of the seminar of the Conference - ‘Higher Education in India: Issues and Challenges’

Fise News

The FISE participated in the World Conference on Higher Education in Paris from 5th to 8th July,2009.Prof. B.Vijay Kumar, General Secretary; FISE made a very effective intervention in the meeting and presented FISE vision of higher education for inclusive development.

The UNESCO also invited FISE for a meeting on 28.09.2009 convened to monitor the application of ILO/UNESCO recommendations of 1966(Status of teachers) and 1997(Status of Higher Education Teaching Personnel)


          Asok Barman
        General Secretary





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