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To                                                                                                     08.01.10





The AIFUCTO has been in constant touch with the Regulations Committee of the  UGC. We  sincerely thank you for accepting the AIFUCTO suggestion for holding meetings at different parts of the country and the exercise was extremely useful to present our views for an efficient, inclusive, equitable and purposeful regulation that would serve the cause of higher education in our country.


 We now understand that the Committee has completed its work and its report has been submitted to  theUGC for final consideration. We fervently hope that the report would reflect our constructive suggestions. We represented that  teaching, research and extension would find their  proper places in the final regulation keeping in view the ground reality and heterogeneous conditions vis-a-vis infrastructural facilities in different parts of the country.  The regulations should act as a proper catalyst for improving the quality of higher education both in the domains of research and teaching.  I reiterate AIFUCTO's well-articulated position that in a country historicially witness to truncated implementation of UGC recommendations, the much-awaited Regulations should not come to serve as one more tool to inflict injury on the teacher who is  working hard to fulfill the basic duty of quality teaching.

We request you to refer to our earlier  submissions to you  - compiled after massive consultations among  the members of the teaching community culminating  in our specific suggestions -  before finalizing the regulations.I attach two of them for your reference.

Trusting your grasp of the potential of and  the challenges before our teachers, I remain Sir cheerfully confident.

Thanking you.

Yours truly,

Asok Barman

General Secretary


(a)  AIFUCTO presentation,dated 5th October,2009 to UGC and the Committee

(b)  Power point presentation at UGC on 9th Nov,2009 by the General Secretary to the Committee.


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