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Regulations 2010
Letter to Chairman, UGC


2nd July,2010


The Chairman
University Grants Commission
New Delhi



We wish to place on record our appreciation of the dfforts taken by the UGC to address some of our concerns while formulating the UGC Regulations- 2010.

Elsewhere we have given a note on our views on the Regulations and we will be submitting a detailed note on the Regulations after our National Executive meets in August.

Meanwhile we request you to address some of our immediate concerns arising out of the Regulations.


  1. We wish to point out the Regulations should be prospective not only in letter and spirit but also in effect.

  1. In section 6.3.1 it is stated ‘Further in order to avoid any hardships candidates who fulfill all other criteria mentioned in these Regulations as on 31-12-2008 and till the date on which these Regulations is notified can be considered for promotion from the date on or after 31-12-2008 on which they fulfill these eligibility conditions provided as mentioned above’.

The UGC itself has communicated that pending issue of the new Regulations,teachers could be awarded CAS as per the old Regulations ie the Regulations-2000.

Some State Governments/Universities/ Colleges have not implemented that letter because of bureacratic delays. Teachers cannot be penalised for that.

Moreover different yardsticks cannot be employed for different teachers working in different colleges/ universities/ States.

Hence we request you to clarify that all CAS including upto that of Associate Professors which were due between 31-12-2008 and 27-06-2010 be awarded as per the old Regulations without insisting on the PBAS and interviews.


  1. In the MHRD Notification dated 31-12-2008, which forms part of the UGC Regulations -2010, Section 2(a) (xi) states that ‘Readers/ Lecturers (Selection Grade) in service at present shall continue to be designated as Lecturer (Selection Grade) or Readers as the case may be, until they are placed in the Pay Band of 37,400 – 67000 and redesignated as Associate Professor in the manner as described in (x) above. It is clear that Readers/ Lecturers (SG) as on 31-12-2008 would be automatically placed in the Pay Band IV as and when they completed 3 years. This clause is differentiated from clause (xii) which speaks about Assistant Professors completing 3 years of teachoing in the AGP of Rs 8000 shall be eligible subject to other conditions that may be prescribed by the UGC’.

But in some States section 2(a) (xi) has not been implemented as they are confusing it Section 2(a) (xii) .

Hence such of those teachers who were Readers/ Lecturers (SG) on 31-12-2008 and who completed 3 years before 27-06-2010 should be redesignated as Associate Professors and placed in the Pay Band IV without insisting on PBAS and interviews.

  1. Similarly we welcome the changes incorporated in the eligibility conditions about PhD in the ‘concerned/allied/relevant disciplines’. But in page 71 section 9.1 of the Regulations with regard to incentives for PhD, it is still PhD awarded in a relevant discipline.

Hence We request you to issue necessary clarification that incentive increments could be awarded for PhD in the concerned/allied/relevant disciplines.

We request you to pass early orders so that teachers may not be put to any hardships.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Asok Barman   James William
General Secretary   President

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